How To Avoid Buying Low Quality Garcinia Cambogia

woman reading garcinia cambogia label on bottleGarcinia Cambogia has become a hugely popular product in the health and fitness industry and of course is meant to aid in weight loss. It is important to know that not all products are the same. There can be a huge difference in excellence and you need to be aware of how to avoid buying low quality Garcinia, to achieve the best results and to evade any dangers that it may cause your body. When looking to maintain and lose weight, you need to do it the right way first. The quality of products which you use, is highly important for the short and long run.

Do Your Research Before Starting A Diet Plan

The plant and rind that it comes from, which has been promoted by many health professionals, including Dr Oz, contains a weight loss element called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). You will find that many products sold under the name Garcinia Cambogia contain only a very small amount of HCA, making them basically ineffective. The best way to find a quality product that contains Garcinia is to look at the level of HCA. Poor quality products may have a very low percentage making them pretty much useless, good products contain the exact right amount of HCA, some have suggested 2700mg per day. Dr Oz recommends supplements that contain at least 50% HCA.

Another part of the label you should pay close attention to, is any claims that the supplement is FDA approved. This is straight away a red flag as the FDA does not approve products such as these. Some lower quality versions of Garcinia Cambogia have been found to contain food colorings and other strange additives.

There are other active ingredients that help make HCA effective. Choose a supplement which contains potassium and calcium.

For this diet pill to help you lose weight, it is supposed to stop the body from converting calories into fat and also by suppressing your appetite. Doses are usually spread out over the day. Some people have put forward the theory that a low dose will suppress your appetite, while a high dose, stops you from converting food into fat. There have been a number of studies on the effectiveness of this product, and some are unfortunately inconclusive. As it is a supplement that does not need regulation by the FDA, there are conflicting results in some tests. So you have to make sure that you use the product exactly how it tells you for the maximum results.

Safety Notes On This Diet Pill

It is important to note that taking this product can interfere with other medicines you may be taking. As this weight loss supplement is said to increase serotonin levels, people on anti-depressants should also beware of any changes. The wisest thing to do is choose a trusted quality product, but if you are on other medicines, you should consult with your doctor first and inform him or her about the possibility of taking supplements like these.

The FDA has reported that they found no significant side effects to taking this supplement for weight loss. The most important thing to do is monitor how you feel when taking them and report to your doctor if any major changes have appeared that might worry you. Like mentioned before, it’s best to keep your doctor in the loop when making new life changes such as starting a new diet which includes taking any sorts of diet pills.

The other part about monitoring the effectiveness of this supplement is to also watch your diet closely. It is supposed to help you lose weight while actively dieting and/or exercising. This will not magically make fat go away instantly. This is why proving whether Garcinia Cambogia is effective proves difficult due to the fact that every users body is different. For some, taking a supplement gives them the will power to stick to a diet more efficiently, where as others will think it gives them the license to eat whatever they feel like. This also makes judging the quality of the product so important as well to see actual results.

Final Checklist To Look At Before Buying

Even though it does not require FDA approval, you can still choose a pharmaceutical brand that is registered by the FDA and have be certified by a FDA approved laboratory. Many people recommend the product should be pure premium grade Garcinia Cambogia, so looking at the label is a must before purchasing.

Dr Oz says to look for products with at least 50% HCA or higher. This key active ingredient, will make you lose weight quicker and more natural.

  • There are some products on the market that show less than 15% HCA – avoid these at all costs.
  • Always consult your doctor to make sure you are not mixing supplements with prescription drugs that may clash together improperly.
  • Look at the ingredients thoroughly, everything should be stated clearly and and be understood.